5 Toys You Must Buy for Your Kids

We’re 2 years into a new decade, and it's time to get your kid some new toys that will keep them entertained for years. There is a seemingly endless supply of toys on the market, but every year offers new, exciting options for children. For every parent and kid, that inanimate object serves many purposes. It's a win-win since it keeps the kid occupied and content while providing the parents with much-needed downtime.

That being said, as important as the toy is for risk-free and entertaining, it should also help the child develop their sensory and motor skills. This is why The Little Boo offers a host of educational toys for children of all ages, including wooden rattlers, rainbow spinners and even crayon stands. In this blog, we’ll list five of the most beneficial educational toys you should buy for your child. 


Wooden Rattler

A child's brain is wired to learn from the moment of birth. They enjoy using their senses to learn about the world around them. A wooden rattler is the single most effective object for stimulating all of your little child’s senses. Your baby can bang, chew, and shake them to their heart's content. Baby safety is prioritised in the design of Little Boo's wooden rattlers.

Your child’s hearing develops as they become familiar with and react to the rattle's sound. As they look at the vibrant colours, their eyesight sharpens. Tactile stimulation is provided by the beads and the carved surfaces of the rattle, both of which the baby can play with to improve their sense of touch.

Building Blocks

A collection of blocks is a necessary component of each child's development. These stimulate imagination and encourage critical thinking while keeping children busy. The benefits of encouraging your kid to engage in construction play go well beyond developing hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking. Your emotions will be tugged when you see the pride on your child's face as he proudly shows you his latest block creation. This toy will inspire your little builder's inner architect via tactile and visual stimulation.

Rainbow Spinner

If you're looking for a great Montessori toy for your child to develop motor skills and colour vision, go no further than our colourful rainbow spinner! A rainbow of hues is represented on the panels of this hand-turned, hardwood drum's spinning drum. This toy is portable, light, and fun to play with anywhere. Your child will love this toy because of how simple it is to use, how much fun it is to move, and how attractive the colours are.

The rainbow spinner’s panels may be moved with the fingers, helping your baby develop fine motor skills and arm strength. The rainbow panels' vibrant hues will stimulate the senses and foster learning. They will be captivated by the whirling action and bright colors for quite some time.

Alphabet Puzzle

Are you trying to encourage your child to have some quiet time on their own, free of distractions like television or electronic games? Our alphabet puzzles are the ideal educational toy since they assist your kid in learning the alphabet while enhancing their cognitive abilities. Besides helping them learn new colours, putting together the puzzle will keep him occupied for a while. 

Crayon Stand

Crayons, coloured pencils, and sketch pens may be stored neatly and safely in our crayon stand. Your child's imagination will flourish with the help of Little Boo's crayon stand, and it will quickly become a beloved household item.

The designers created this device to help kids better manipulate the parts and do a self-correcting categorisation activity. Putting the knobbed pieces back in their respective compartments is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination and recognise basic forms. It's safe for the surroundings and won't hurt your child's health.

Give Your Child the Best Only from The Little Boo

While the importance of playing in a child’s life cannot be overstated if they learn while playing, it’s truly equivalent to a cherry on the cake. So, if you’re looking for high-quality educational toys for your kids, like wooden rattlers, rainbow spinners or crayon stands, you can find it all and more only at The Little Boo! Start browsing now. 


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