India Map Puzzle

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Vendor : The Little Boo India

Product Type : Puzzle


The Little Boo brings to you 4 in 1 Interactive Wooden India Map Puzzle for kids (boys & girls) of age 3+

Know Your Toy

  • Non Toxic Water Based Paints
  • European Steam Beach Wood
  • Made in India
  • BIS certified
  • IS9873 Certified
  • Child Safe
  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Handmade By Local Indian Artisans 
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Stunning design
  • 1 Wooden Board +17 Pegged Pieces

Best Suited For

  • Birthday Gifting & Return-Gifts
  • Self learning
  • Home Schooling
  • Preschools kids (Girls & Boys)
  • Kids of Age 3+
  • Value For Money Buyers
  • Kids Room Décor

Skill Enhancement After Use/Value Addition

  • Fine motor skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
  • Classification Skills
  • Explorative play
  • Sequence & Counting
  • Montessori Learning
  • Geographical Learning
  • Number Learning
  • National Pride
  • General Knowledge Improvement
  • Color Identification
  • Object Recognition
  • Visual perception & Thinking

Product Learnings

  • 4 IN ONE: The Interactive Wooden India Map Puzzle boasts its uniqueness in imparting 3 in one learning abilities ,i.e., Names & location of Indian States & Union territories along with their capitals + Land area of the same + Names & Locations of countries that share land border with India+ Names & Location of Oceans enveloping India. This helps in promoting imaginative and explorative play in their young minds and improve their memory. 
  • SEE THE MAJESTIC INDIA: Make your kids feel proud to touch and feel the grandness of their own motherland "India". The little boo's India Map puzzle equipped with 17 pegged pieces and on one wooden board provide the kid with real time learning of states, their capital , union territories and the exact location of the same.
  • GEOGRAPHY MADE FUN : The Indian Map Puzzle helps familiarize kids with the whole of the Indian sub-continent including India's adjacent neighbors, India, its states, union territories and their respective capitals. The detachable state name pieces further help in enhancing fine motor skills and explorative play wherein the child needs to place all pieces in their right place and sequence to make the Perfect Map. This inurn promotes hand eye coordination.
  • IMPROVES GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: The stunning and informative board design enables the kids to learn the areas of various states and union territories. They also learn about our nation's vast coastline and the various oceans enveloping it.
  • LEARN COLOURS: The India Map boasts of 8+ colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and the like) in its unique design. Such color differentiation helps the kids build visual perception and thinking skills.
  • IMPROVE VOCABULARY KNOWLEDGE: The kids learn to pronounce name of unique countries, Indian States, Union territories and their capitals.
  • IMPORVES MEMORY & CLASSIFICATION SKILLS : The Indian Map Puzzle helps kids remember basic national geography in a fun way. They can easily learn to classify different states based on their geographical locations, for example the seven sisters of the North East and the like. This inturn helps the kids to improve their fine motor skills and problem solving skills. They also learn the correct sequence and number of the Indian states and union territories. 


Brand – The Little Boo

Type - Map

Age - 3 + Years

Product Dimension - 298 x 198 mm

Thickness - 7 mm

Language - English

Country of Origin: India

Items Included in Package:

17 Pieces of Knob & Peg Puzzle and 1 Board

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Exceptional quality

It is a must buy for all mothers. My kid has learnt so much about India, in such short time by playing with this! Kudos team little boo!