Spinner for infants

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Vendor : The Little Boo

Product Type : Baby & Toddler

Wooden Spinner toys for babies and Toddlers

About This Item:

Little Boo's rainbow spinner is ideal for a newborn beginning to use their hands and recognize colors. The simple operation, exciting motion, and brilliant colors are guaranteed to make it a success with your child.

Furthermore, the soft noise and the revolving wheel of colors on this rainbow spinner toy for children will capture their interest and inspire them to give it a try. You may use the wooden rainbow spinner during tummy time or move it away from your baby to encourage them to crawl and reach for it. As your child develops, you may explain the names of the colors, gradually assisting them in identifying each one.

Best Suited For:

  • Girls & Boys
  • Value For Money Buyers
  • Boys and girls from 6 months to 3 years

Product Learnings

  • Gross Motor Skills: Babies will improve gross motor skills by attempting to reach for the spinner by extending their arms or crawling.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Improve your grip reflex and fine motor abilities by reaching for and holding the spinner.
  • Sensory development: The rainbow wooden spinner improves and sharpens hearing by responding to noises. Improves eyesight by examining the spinner’s form, colors, and patterns. Tactile stimulation improves the sensation of touch.
  • Curiosity: The noises and patterns will capture your baby's attention and pique his or her interest.

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