How Have Puzzles for Children Changed Over Time?

We would not be lying if we claimed that puzzles are constantly at the top of our list for children's games, and this is because they are so versatile. Brain puzzles for children help children develop their critical thinking abilities, enhance their productivity, and are enjoyable activities to do on a rainy day.

However, you would be living under a rock if you believe that puzzle games such as the old-fashioned puzzles can maintain your child's interest for an extended period. While they may be enjoyable, they do not compare to the more modern puzzles for children that are inventive, engaging, and use a variety of themes like animals, numbers, and parts of the body puzzles.  


Body Part Puzzles | The Little Boo


Wooden puzzles have long been a parent favourite, mostly because they are also environmentally friendly. Since the early years, we at Little Boo have focused on providing the greatest games for children to play to aid in their growth. However, utilizing merely wooden puzzles with lift-out figures is insufficient to stimulate creativity and imagination; instead, something like the creative's tangram set is required. Our wooden puzzles for toddlers will encourage your child's imagination and ability to construct shapes. Now that we've understood how brain puzzles for children have developed through time, we thought we'd share some family-friendly puzzle games.

Jigsaw Puzzles at Their Finest 

Gone are the days when jigsaw puzzles were limited to sunsets, beaches, and parks, not that we believe they were any less fascinating. However, having diversity, several types of jigsaw puzzles are preferable for enjoyable games. For example, our parts of body puzzle is a fun way for kids to learn about the body, while also promoting their cognitive development. Another unique jigsaw puzzle that you can get from us at Little Boo is our vegetable puzzle, wherein kids have to place the cut-out pieces into their respective places in the wooden puzzle tray.

The Originals with A Twist

When we claim that puzzles for children have developed, we do not imply that we have abandoned our origins. We admire little children who like doing ABC puzzles or number problems. While wooden ABC puzzles are plenty, developing a new original form and color problem may be challenging. Thus, we have creatives having fun with shapes and color, which you may use to learn about new items and creatures. Another ABC puzzle that we're sure you'll appreciate is the alphabet fun puzzle game.

Educational Puzzles

What better approach than educational puzzles to introduce preschool activities and preschool games? Add a reward for finding the correct answer or creating the right shape, and you've effectively improved children's problem-solving abilities. Educational puzzles such as parts of body puzzles, fraction puzzles, and number puzzles are available in our collection! So, visit Little Boo and make the most of our modern puzzles!